Sowing Seeds of Hope: Biblical Wisdom for Family Life

Our guiding Scripture for this 6-week sermon series will be Psalm 1.  As we prepare to explore the wisdom offered by this Psalm as well as other Biblical passages, consider reading the Psalm each day or perhaps even commit it to memory.  Following is an interpretation of Psalm 1 offered by Dr. Boyd Whaley.

The happy person
is one who
does not follow wicked counsel; or linger on the road to ruin;
Or sit among the hecklers’ seats.

On the contrary,
With Yahweh’s torah lies his true joy, Mulling over His torah
by day and night.

The one who so delights and muses on Yahweh’s torah

will be like a tree
transplanted alongside the creek bed.

…Like a tree
which gives its fruit in season.

Its foliage does not wither.

Everything this tree makes causes thriving.

Not so wickedness,
which is instead like wind-driven chaff.

Thus it is that
the bad seed does not come up
in the midst of the healthy;
nor is the spoiled
gathered with the good;
Since Yahweh is intimately acquainted with the good path
And the path to nowhere vanishes.

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