Knowing, Not Just Knowing About


Pay attention to the way that Psalm 1:6 reads in your translation of the Bible.  Some translations choose “watching over” while others choose “know”.  The Common English Bible reads “intimately acquainted” which makes sense to me given that this is the same Hebrew word that we find in Genesis 4:1 “Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain.”

God is intimately acquainted with the good path.  This is not cognitive knowing, like reading a book and learning about stuff.  This is knowing like the way a new mother knows her newborn child – every contour, every noise, every dimple, each cry, each touch, the bond.  When we read Psalm 1 this way, we can talk about how God KNOWS us deeply, the good and the bad (because none of us is all one OR all the other), AND God LOVES us deeply, and there’s never a time that God doesn’t love us.  The moment we face that feels the most difficult, the most overwhelming…at THAT moment, God knows us and loves us deeply.

When we find ourselves in THAT moment and can become aware of the reality of our current location, remembering that God KNOWS us deeply and LOVES us deeply reminds us that there is a good path from here – wherever “here” is.  Our next word or next action can be part of the good path that leads to intimacy with God and deep, healthy relationships with those whom we love.

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