Happy and Blessed

Happy and blessed…they’re exactly the same thing, right?  Maybe?  Maybe not?  Blessed sounds a bit more serious. Happy sounds a little fluffy.  Blessed might describe the choices that I make for my family even when I would prefer to be doing something else. Happy might better describe what I do for me – doing what I want when I want for whatever reason that I want. In the English language, we may get those different ideas from the words blessed and happy…but the Hebrew word ʾašrē (translated as either happy or blessed) holds both of those concepts within the same word.  That is the promise of Psalm 1.  I can enjoy both happiness AND blessing if I delight in the Torah of Yahweh by day and by night; if I pay attention to God’s reality and keep it in the forefront of my mind as I move through my day; if I delight in the process of experiencing God in the present moment, like a tree
 which gives its fruit in season, its foliage does not wither. Everything this tree makes causes thriving.

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