Every Life is a Holy Journey

Every life is a holy journey, and the story of that life is a part of God’s work in the world.

When I pay attention to the reality that my children’s lives are a holy journey, uniquely their own, it helps me to be supportive, offer consultation, cheer them on, without taking over.  Many times it would be easier if I just took over, stepped in, or solved their problems.  But if the situation isn’t life-threatening, then taking over, stepping in, or solving their problems (taking age-appropriateness into consideration), is not necessarily honoring the holiness of their unique journey.

It works the same way with siblings, parents, and adult children.  They each have unique gifts and graces.  They each have a purpose that is theirs alone to find.  It can be really frustrating (for me) if I try to impose my way of doing things on other people in my family.  Sometimes their way of doing things is completely different and completely ok.  I can be an example and I can be curious and ask really good questions, but it’s helpful if I stop short of insisting on my own way.  I can also learn a lot from those who approach life differently from the way that I do when I stop long enough to listen to their story.

Some of the hardest parenting we are called to do is to hold our children’s hand while they learn life’s difficult lessons.  But the gift of being present to those we love through their unique journey rather than taking over, stepping in, or solving the problem, is the confidence they gain by surviving the lesson – confidence that allows them to step out on faith and live the life that God is calling them to live.

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