Gottman Seven Principles Program Education

North Georgia Family Counseling Centers is excited to offer Gottman Seven Principles Program as an educational opportunity for your church or group.

Gottman Seven Principles Program

For Making Relationships Work

Class Goals:

* Strengthen relationships
* Foster community of support for relationships

This class is for:

* Couples considering marriage
* Couples who have been married for decades

Please note that couples will not be asked to publicly share personal information as part of this class.

For couples with strong relationships, this class will provide tools and insights to make your relationship even better.  For couples with a mildly distressed relationship, this class can provide a road map for repair.  Based on the best-selling book, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

Dates: 11 sessions (but shorter class options are available when the full length class is not feasible)
Time: 2 hours per session
Location: your site
Cost: $80 per contact hour + $10/participant to cover the cost of materials

Minimum Class Size = 12 participants                         Maximum Class Size = 36 participants

A 10-week private coaching workshop is also available.  Contact Lynne Smith for more information.

Call 678-242-9355 or e-mail for more information or to schedule a class at your site.

This class is an excellent program for pre-marital counseling.  

If you would like to introduce the Gottman Seven Principles Program to your church or organization, NGFCC offers a 60-90 minute introductory session at no charge.  This would make a perfect Sunday School lesson or date-night program for couples in your church or organization.

Rev. Lynne Smith is approved as a Gottman Seven Principles Program Educator.

Please visit for more information about The Gottman Institute.

Disclaimer:  All the materials presented by the NGFCC Education Ministry are for educational purposes only and do not in any way attempt to provide psychotherapy or family therapy for your family or your family situation.  Families needing psychotherapy or family therapy should seek those services outside of this framework.

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