Healthy Family Education:  A Developmental Approach

North Georgia Family Education for the Life Cycle
Birth – 2 Years
  • Secure Attachment Parenting
  • Parenting the Love & Logic Way
  • Created by God (5th and 6th graders)
    • January 18-20, 2018 at Duluth First UMC
    • January 26 and 27, 2018 at Johns Creek UMC
    • February 23 and 24, 2018 at Johns Creek UMC
Middle School
  • Faith formation
    • I am a follower of Jesus (Gospel of Mark)
    • I am a spiritual being (Gospels of Luke and Matthew)
    • I will make a spiritual community (Gospel of John)
  • Parenting the Love & Logic Way
High School
  • Faith formation (The Ark)
    • Choosing the Path of Love {Agape}
    • Learning from our Strong Emotions {Wisdom}
    • Thriving through Adolescence {Transcendence}
    • Creating Collaborative Communities {Authority}
  • Parenting Teens (The Ark: Parents)
  • Parenting the Love & Logic Way
Emerging Adult
  • Forming close relationships
Early Adult
  • Healthy Aging
Wisdom Years
  • Creating an elder culture



  • Custom programming for your church or ministry
  • Alpha or beta site for NGFCC Curriculum

Facilitator:  Rev. Lynne Smith

Fee:  $80/contact hour + materials fee if applicable

For more information, e-mail


Pay for Coaching Sessions with Rev. Lynne Smith

Sliding Fee Scale


Disclaimer:  All the materials presented by the NGFCC Education Ministry are for educational purposes only and do not in any way attempt to provide psychotherapy or family therapy for your family or your family situation.  Families needing psychotherapy or family therapy should seek those services outside of this framework.


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