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Meghan Robinson BPsych, CADC-T, CPRC


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Meghan’s personal experience in recovery and her long term sobriety narrowed her focus to the addiction and recovery field. With a desire to help those facing the same challenges she faced, she pursued her psychology degree at Arizona State University. Turning her darkest pain in to her passion, hoping to help end the stigma surrounding addiction Meghan continued her career focus in the recovery and intervention industry at Hayes, Davidson and Associates and Intervention ASAP. She provided patient and family support for those suffering from substance abuse, mental health issues and process addictions. Her case management work was a long-term, integrative process. She worked closely with individuals and their loved ones offering comprehensive, end-to-end step-down support for their recovery needs. Meghan also works with the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia, a non-profit committee that provides informative and educational continuing education for treatment providers.  Meghan received training in sober companionship, monitoring, and sober transportation. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, holds dual membership in the Georgia Addiction Counselors Association and the National Association for Addiction, Drug and Alcohol Counseling. She is a Peer Recovery Coach and currently pursuing her certification in Georgia to be a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor staying current and up-to-date on clinically therapeutic practices while regularly attending industry events to accumulate college educational credits for her counseling certification and graduate studies.

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Meghan’s phone: (770) 609-9727

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