Awareness isn’t something that just happens, it’s a skill that takes practice.  It’s like a muscle that can be trained with exercise – to get the benefit, we have to do the work.  As we begin to be aware of our emotions, it’s helpful to gain understanding of how the brain works.  Dr. Daniel Siegel uses a hand model of the brain to help parents understand what’s happening in their own brain as well as their child’s brain to give all of us the opportunity to choose the path that honors and remembers the love and compassion we have for each other even in the presence of conflict.  Watch Dr Daniel Siegel presenting a hand model of the brain (2:31) on Youtube.

If you want to explore the concept of awareness further, The Mindsight Institute offers a visual and brief description of a resource called the wheel of awareness as well as audio downloads to practice awareness of your own internal life.

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